Should you move to Newcastle?

newcastle upon tyne highlights

Are you considering taking a big leap of faith and moving to a brand new city to start your life afresh?

If you are considering making a move to Newcastle then this guide will help you to decide if it is the right place for you.

Even though Newcastle is a city, it won’t feel like one once you are there. There are beaches and quays closeby that will make you feel as if you are by the seaside rather than in a bustling city. The North Shields Fish Quay has a happening waterfront with chip shops galore with fresh fish – you can check them out yourselves if you get there early enough to witness the trawler coming to unload their catch of the morning.

Following your trip to the Quay, you can then hop to the clean beaches at Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, Druridge Bay and Bamburgh. You can walk the miles of sand without worrying about stepping on rubbish as Newcastle’s beaches are kept spotless – you’ll feel like you’re on holiday while still being close to home. If you fancy a swim in the sea, however, we suggest that you wrap up warm. While the beaches are as beautiful as those you will find anywhere abroad, it is still Newcastle – it will be cold!

If history is more your cup of tea rather than beaches, Newcastle is full of Roman history after they made the move from the Mediterranean to Newcastle in 120 AD. You may have heard of a famous structure named Hadrian’s Wall; a 118km long mass structure which works its way through Cumbria, Northumberland and then into Newcastle before coming to an end in a town accurately named Wallsend, Segendunum. You can visit the town yourself and see how Romans made an impact there – even the Metro station has a mix of Latin and English signs up throughout the station.

After spending your week embracing the local culture and history, you can experience something truly unique at the weekends. During this time, you can hear the sound of bells resounding from Newcastle Civic Centre. Newcastle is also a major economy in the UK and has world class Universities, excellent infrastructure, plenty of career opportunities with a growing digital sector, and a vibrant nightlife.