Storage Size Guide

Use our interactive storage calculator to work out what size you need

We have two container storage unit sizes

20ft is our standard size and most popular. 10ft is smaller, like a storage room.

20ft Container (most popular)

Storage container
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    Car and van access
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    High security lock
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    Very popular – house garage size
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See how much you can fit into this storage unit:

Who is this storage size suitable for?

This is by far our most popular storage unit and the size that fits most people that are moving home.

If you’re moving your house it’s highly likely you’ll need this size. It’s the size of an average household garage is the easiest way to think about it.

It’s competitively priced so that even if you don’t use absolutely all of it – you’ll still be saving money vs smaller sized units in indoor storage room companies.

This is the unit you want if you want if you’re not absolutely sure how much space you need because if gives you a bit of a safety margin when you’re moving your things in – you won’t be worrying about running out of room on the day.

Our most popular storage unit for businesses.

Unless you’re looking to small amount of stock or tools for your business it’s highly likely you’ll need this size for your storage.

If you’re accessing your storage regularly which is common for our business storage customers – one thing that is worth thinking about is having the room to be able to walk around your storage unit.  This storage unit allows you to store stock at the back and for you still to be able to access it – because there is space to create walkways and to put up shelving.

10ft Container

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    Car and van access
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    Highly secure
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    Very safe
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Watch this video to see what can fit inside this storage unit:

Who might this storage size be suitable for?

This is for people who have a few rooms worth of storage or maybe they’re moving from a small flat. The best way to think about this unit is that it is like having a room in a house where you can store your things.

Another use case for this storage unit would be for decluttering or if you’ve had to empty a room while your doing some renovations.

If you’re moving a house it’s highly likely you’ll need our standard storage unit.

This unit size is also popular with people who are looking to store motorcycles.

If the things you’re looking to store for your business could fit in a room of a house then this is the right storage unit for you.

The other thing you want to think about is length of the things you’re storing. It’s longest point is 10ft so all the items need to be smaller than 10ft (3 metres).



FAQs about our container storage units

Do they keep my possessions dry? All that and more answered below.

Yes they are. Shipping containers are used to transport expensive goods all over the globe on the world’s oceans. They are designed to keep the elements out and keep what they’re transporting safe & dry.

The big rule with shipping containers is that if your items go in dry, they’ll come out dry.

Shipping containers do a fantastic job of keeping the elements out. Therefore the only way moisture can affect your things is if they is something that is wet that is enclosed in the seal of the shipping container.

Make sure your possessions are dry. And make sure rain doesn’t get into your container when you’re moving your possessions in and you’ll be fine.

The other thing to bare in mind is to make sure you pick a reputable storage company that has either brand new or well maintained shipping containers.

The 20ft storage container is by far our most popular size.

80%+ of our containers are 20ft (160sq ft).

This size is about the size of your average household garage. It is a great combination of making sure you have enough space to easily store your items & affordability – it’s still a very affordable price for the size.

10fts are for those who only have a little to store – if someone needs something similar to a room size.

Our 10ft storage container. This is 80ft² (7.43m²).

It’s the size of a single bedroom in your house.


A 20ft container.

It’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to fit the contents of a 3 bed house into our smaller unit size (the 10ft container).

For a more accurate prediction you can use the storage calculator at the top of this page.

Potentially a 10ft depending on how much you have to store (e.g how many appliances from the flat you’re looking to store.

Anything more than 2 bedroom flat and you’re going to need a 20ft container.

You can get a storage unit size for your exact requirements by using the storage calculator at the top of the page.