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10ft Container

Size of a box bedroom

Holds contents of a 1-2 bedroom property

10ft shipping container


10ft long x 8ft wide

  • Our unit that is like a storage room
  • About the size of a box bedroom
  • Can hold the contents of a 1-2 bedroom house/flat
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Most popular

20ft Container

Size of a household garage

Holds contents of a 3-4 bedroom property

20ft shipping container


20ft long x 8ft wide

  • Size of an average household garage
  • Holds the contents of a 3-4 bedroom property
  • Ideal for tradespeople storing tools
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Best Prices

  • Containers direct from China factories
  • No middlemen = cheapest possible price
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Financing options available

Quality Stock

  • International standard verified
  • Range of sizes
  • Both new & used available
  • Choice of colours
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  • Professional, reliable customer service
  • Will work with you for solutions
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FAQs on buying shipping containers in the UK

These are the most common questions people have when purchasing shipping containers for the first time

Give us a call to get the best price. It is possible to import containers from China but it involves a good amount of risk as you find a trusted supplier – including sending money to China ahead of the container being delivered.

We’ll arrange a date with you for when you can accept the delivery of your shipping container. If you need to change that date we ask for as much notice as possible (over 48 hours) – because we plan out our deliveries with our transport team.

We can send ahead tips on what you need to prepare onsite to accept deliver of the container.

It depends on the container size, condition and state of the market.

There is a bit of a fluctuation depending on the state of global shipping (for example during Covid the prices of containers went up a lot) & exchange rates (particularly the US dollar).

For a brand new, 20ft container you could expect to pay anywhere between £2000 – £2500 (not including delivery).

It depends on your location.

We have depots all across the UK to be able to give you the most competitive delivery prices. Get in touch to let us know where you need the container and we’ll be able to give you a quote on delivery.

Map of the UK

Delivery to any accessible location in the UK

Delivery from the closest one of our 8 strategically located depots

Since then we’ve provided storage for large organisations including the NHS and Northumbria Police as well as helping thousands of families store their furniture before moving to new homes.

We’ve been selling shipping containers all across the UK for 5 years.


containers delivered

20+ years

shipping container experience

8 depots

across the UK

Key information on our shipping containers

International Standard

Our containers are the same containers major shipping companies use to transport goods around the world.


All our containers are tested to ensure that they’re watertight. Anything you put inside, safe from the elements.

Lockbox Included

Steel lockbox installed to protect the padlocks you use to secure the container.


16 vents that allow the circulation of air in the container without letting in other elements. Prevents moisture build up

Plywood Flooring

Brand new plywood flooring provides a clean surface to store things on or work off of.

Best Prices

We regularly check our prices against our competitors to ensure we’re giving the best prices possible

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