Creating the perfect space for working from home

home office storage

You’ve taken the big step of deciding that you’re going to work from home. There are so many advantages to working from home that you’re looking forward to – getting to pick your hours, no commute, you could even work in your pyjamas if you wanted to! But it also has its own gripes such as not having someone to keep you on task, easily being distracted by other things that need doing around the house. The best way to combat this is to keep your workspace separate from your homespace with a home office.

First, you have to decide where this workspace is going to be many people don’t have a spare room going that you can create into your own office so a corner of the room will do that is away from any distractions. You should ensure that it is light and airy but not in direct sunlight as this will be frustrating when working on a screen as it will cast a glare on it.

Even though it might be tempting to work from your bed most days or from something incredibly comfortable like a bean bag, the best idea to create the right atmosphere for your work is to buy a desk. This means that when you are at your desk, you know that it’s time to work and your sofa or bed can be kept as your areas for relaxation. You can also buy some storage if your desk doesn’t have drawers to keep all your work documents in one place. Make sure that you definitely use this storage, however, and don’t get your workspace into a mess. Keep in mind that if you were in an office at a company, they wouldn’t want your desk messy. This will also keep your mind clear for work.

For your desk, you’ll need a good quality office chair. As we mentioned earlier, working from your sofa will do you no good in terms of keeping your work and home separate. But it also won’t help with regard to your posture and your back. What might seem comfortable isn’t necessarily good for you as we have a tendency to lounge on a sofa which in the long term will have an adverse effect on your back and could lead to long term health problems in the future.

Add some plants. Even though this may seem as if it is just used as decoration and another nuisance for you to look after while you’re trying to get on with your work, adding some vibrancy to your workspace isn’t just to look pretty. Naturally, plants absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere around them to convert it into oxygen. Having plants around you completing this natural process will get more oxygen to your brain, meaning that you will be able to stimulate your thoughts much better than if you didn’t have a plant around you. Yes, of course, they also look incredibly beautiful, too and will add a personal touch to your office.

Finally, add a clock somewhere. Even though you will likely have a clock on your computer, it is still good to have something physical to look at. Alongside this, it would be a good idea for you to set work hours that you will work to. This means that when you look at the clock and see that you’re coming to the end of your work day, you can have something to work towards. It might be tempting to just sit until you have everything done but this isn’t a healthy mindset to have towards your work. Keep to roughly the same hours every day and keep some structure to your schedule for consistency in your day.

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