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Self Storage Questions & Answers

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You pay a monthly fee depending on the size of your storage unit.

You’ll get access to a storage container where you can securely store your possessions. When  you’re finished with the storage – call us up to cancel your unit.

When you use your storage you’ll be given a code to access our sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your 1st payment will be for however many days are left in the current month.

You’ll pay for the rest of the month alongside a £50 refundable deposit – which you get back you return the unit as clean & tidy as you found it.

After the 1st payment you’ll be charged on the 1st of every month for your storage for the following month. You pay ahead of time.

If you move out before the end of the month, we refund you for any storage you’ve not used.

No we’ll provide the lock for you.

No need to go out and buy a padlock, we’ve got you covered,

Give us a call or an email when you’ve cleared your storage unit.

We cancel the storage from that date. Unlike other storage companies, you don’t need to give us any notice. Just let us know on the day.

We’ll then send a member of our team to inspect the unit and confirm it’s been left in a good condition – we’ll refund you for any storage you’ve paid for but not used, as well as giving you back your deposit.

Yes we take every security precaution you’d expect of a top storage facility,

24/7 CCTV monitoring, high security perimeter fencing, gates controlling access to the site overnight, heavy duty locks protected from tampering or damage.

Absolutely. We’ve run a container storage company for 20+ years and helped 1000s of customers with self storage.

This idea that container storage is unsuitable because things get wet or they’re unsafe in anyway is simply untrue otherwise we would not have been able to build a business over 2 decades.

Container storage needs to be done right – with a company that buys in brand new containers and maintains their containers to keep them in solid condition. See our container storage company page for more information.

Questions about Buying Shipping Containers

Looking to purchase a container in the UK. Here are some helpful answers to common questions.

The first step is to ask for a quote – you can do by filling in our container quote form.

Why isn’t there just a standard price?

Prices fluctuate slightly based on exchange rates (containers are priced in US dollars from Chinese manufacturers) & the state of global shipping. If shipping is disrupted (like what happened with covid) then the price of getting the containers to the UK goes up.

We will also give you a price for delivery of the container to where you need it.



We need to be able to access where you need the container delivered with our container transportation. These vehicles are at least 12 metres long and are heavy (meaning that there needs to be suitable roads).

If the location is inaccessible – you’ll need some form of forklift with a qualified driver on site to help unload & place the container.



It depends on where you need the container. Fill in the container quote form and provide us with the postcode for where you need the shipping container delivered.

We have 8 depots across the UK so you’ll always be getting a container delivered from the closest local depot. We have this infrastructure in place in order to be able to provide the lowest possible delivery costs.

A brand new container, direct from the manufacturer, could last anywhere between 30-50 years depending on how well it’s maintained.

Yes, let us know if you would like to collect from one of our depots and we can arrange to make that happen.

Questions about Hiring Shipping Containers

Want a to rent a container and have it brought to your location?

Fill in this quote to get a price for delivery and a monthly rate for hiring a container from us.

We will then arrange delivery.

You will start paying for the container from the day that you receive it and you’re able to use it for storage.

Give us a call and let us know when you need it picked up.

We will cancel your container from that date (no paying for storage you don’t need).

We need an area that is flat and strong enough to support the weight of the container.

You can help prepare the site by using paving slabs to level off an area.