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Why store with us at our Brunswick location?

We're safe, easy & affordable

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  • CCTV camera monitoring
  • Steel perimeter fencing
  • Heavy duty padlocks


  • 24 hour, 7 days a week access
  • Ground floor storage units
  • Drive to the door of your storage unit


  • We regularly check our name is not just a name
  • We aim to keep prices as low as possible
  • While make sure our storage is fantastic quality

How to find our Brunswick storage

Conveniently located in Wideopen

2 minutes from the A1


Gibson House, Brunswick Industrial Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 7BA

Easily accessed from the A1 and Sandy Lane. 10 minutes from Newcastle International Airport.

What3Words Address:



0191 204 1087

How to Get to Our Brunswick Storage Location

Take exit 79 onto Great parkway taking the first exit onto Rotary Way. At the next roundabout take the first exit onto the A1056. Merge left onto the B1318 and keep going straight until you reach the traffic light after Lockey Park.

Take a left onto Stalks Road, carry on straight until the road merges onto Sandy Lane. Taking a left onto Brunswick Industrial Estate. Continue straight until you see Gibson House in the corner on your right.

Turn right out of the Airport onto A696, at the next roundabout turn onto Prestwick Road. Continue on Prestwick Road for 1.8 miles before turning right onto Main Street. Take the 2nd left onto Sandy Lane.

Drive down Sandy Lane before taking a right into Brunswick Industrial Estate. Drive 30 seconds until you see Gibson House in the corner on your right hand side.

Head North on the Great North Road until you reach the North Brunton Interchange roundabout. Turn right onto Rotary Way and then left at the next roundabout onto the A1056. Merge left onto the B1318 and keep going straight until you reach the traffic light after Lockey Park.

Take a left onto Stalks Road, carry on straight until the road merges onto Sandy Lane. Taking a left onto Brunswick Industrial Estate. Continue straight until you see Gibson House in the corner on your right.

Our container storage units at Brunswick

We have two storage sizes available – watch the size guide videos below

20ft Storage Container

£135 per month inc VAT

Storage container
  • Van icon
    Car and van access
  • CCTV icon
    High security lock
  • Padlock icon
    Very popular – house garage size
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See how much you can fit into this storage unit:

Who is this storage size suitable for?

This is by far our most popular storage unit and the size that fits most people that are moving home.

If you’re moving your house it’s highly likely you’ll need this size. It’s the size of an average household garage is the easiest way to think about it.

It’s competitively priced so that even if you don’t use absolutely all of it – you’ll still be saving money vs smaller sized units in indoor storage room companies.

This is the unit you want if you want if you’re not absolutely sure how much space you need because if gives you a bit of a safety margin when you’re moving your things in – you won’t be worrying about running out of room on the day.

Our most popular storage unit for businesses.

Unless you’re looking to small amount of stock or tools for your business it’s highly likely you’ll need this size for your storage.

If you’re accessing your storage regularly which is common for our business storage customers – one thing that is worth thinking about is having the room to be able to walk around your storage unit.  This storage unit allows you to store stock at the back and for you still to be able to access it – because there is space to create walkways and to put up shelving.

10ft Storage Container

£91 per month inc VAT

  • Van icon
    Car and van access
  • CCTV icon
    Highly secure
  • Padlock icon
    Very safe
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Watch this video to see what can fit inside this storage unit:

Who might this storage size be suitable for?

This is for people who have a few rooms worth of storage or maybe they’re moving from a small flat. The best way to think about this unit is that it is like having a room in a house where you can store your things.

Another use case for this storage unit would be for decluttering or if you’ve had to empty a room while your doing some renovations.

If you’re moving a house it’s highly likely you’ll need our standard storage unit.

This unit size is also popular with people who are looking to store motorcycles.

If the things you’re looking to store for your business could fit in a room of a house then this is the right storage unit for you.

The other thing you want to think about is length of the things you’re storing. It’s longest point is 10ft so all the items need to be smaller than 10ft (3 metres).



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Frequently asked questions about our storage units in Brunswick

If you still have questions, please do give us a call!  Our friendly are more than happy to help with any questions you’ve got on our storage (with no obligation to reserve storage with us).

We take every security precaution you’d expect of a top storage facility.

All our sites are monitored by CCTV cameras 24 hours a day. High security fencing & gates control the perimeter of the sites overnight so access is restricted to customers only.

Our containers are secured with heavy duty locks that are protected against tampering & damage.

One common misconception of container storage is that your possessions will be get wet because they’re located outside.

We buy in our shipping containers brand new, direct from China manufacturers. We maintain them as a priority over the years we have.

Shipping containers themselves are designed to be watertight because they’re used to transport goods across oceans. So they’re made to be able to protect their contents from the elements.

The big thing here is that the unit is dry when you move in (we check each unit before handing it to the next one) – and then whatever you store also has to be drive. If you put wet things into a storage unit it will produce moisture. So the rule to follow is if things go in dry, they’ll come out dry when storing with our containers.

Any other questions on this please do give us a call!

Our Brunswick site is popular so we recommend calling us as soon as you have rough dates for moving in.

Online you can book a storage unit ~7 days in advance. So if that applies to you click on the get a quote button and reserve online.

Any queries or concerns get in touch and you can speak to a friendly member of our team without any hard selling – we’re happy to just answer questions.

You only pay when you move in.

On the day you move in you’ll be charged for your first month’s storage – which is calculated based on how many days are left in the month.

So if you move in to your storage unit in the middle of the month – you’ll have around 15 days worth of storage to pay for.

We also take a £50 deposit – which you get back when you hand back the unit clean, tidy & undamaged.

After that we take all our storage payments on the 1st of every month – you pay for the following month’s storage ahead of time.

If you move out that month – we’ll refund you for any storage you’ve not used.

We have a 1 month minimum storage policy.

After that we have no restrictions. Unlike other storage companies we don’t have any noticed periods – just simply call us on the day you move out your storage unit and that is the day we’ll stop taking payment.

We’re on Brunswick Industrial Estate by Wideopen.

It’s very close to the waste and recycling centre there.

We’ll provide a heavy duty padlock for you.

You don’t have to buy one (unlike with other storage companies)

Book online. Get access right away.

Reserve online, setup payment & move into your storage unit. We’ll show you our storage prices and availability.
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Why use our Brunswick storage facility?

Our Brunswick storage site is ideally located for people living in Wideopen, Gosforth, Craminling & Jesmond.

It’s proved very popular because of how close it is to popular Newcastle neighbourhoods. Brunswick Industrial Estate is easily accessed (we’re 2 minutes from the household waste and recycling centre).

The site is secure and has over 300 storage units.

Give us a call and we can answer any storage questions you’ve got. The team is friendly and there is never any pressure or hard selling. We’re keen to make sure that you’ve got all the information you need as you search for the best self storage option for you.